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Responding to the Call!


Jack and Lizzette Ollestad along with their youth group rallied to beautify two Released Time Chapels this spring. Lizzette, a past Released Time teacher and Champion responded with excitement to our last newsletter. Hoping to beautify a chapel and allow more children to hear the truth of God’sWord, they gathered their youth group and headed over with open hearts and a willingness to serve God’s children.

With little to no painting experience these youth came together to make the new school year bright and shiny for some unsuspecting 4th and 5th graders. Some worked tirelessly inside scrubbing, dusting and shining the wood desks. Others diligently applied paint to two of our well used chapels. Because of their amazing dedication we now have 5 chapels nearly ready for the fall!


Champions like Jack, Lizzette and YOU, are what make Released Time possible. Going the extra step to make a difference. In Released Time we have the opportunity to encourage, educate and empower our students to change their lives for Christ. Let us listen to the voice of God when he lays it on us! Don’t let the opportunity to impact these precious children pass!

We are each vessels created for His use, just like these chapels…how can you be used to help further His kingdom through Released Time? Join us, don’t let the next generation be the one that misses out on the opportunity to spend a lifetime with Jesus! Join us in spreading the Good News!

Blessings to you, Chantell Tibbets RTCE Director