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To enroll your 4th or 5th grade OUSD student, fill out the registration form below and click on the “Submit” button. Then your child will be able to attend the class each week. A child may be withdrawn from the program with the parent’s written permission. Students may register for the class at any time during the school year. You are welcome to visit a class in the Chapel-on-Wheels at your convenience.

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  • Please enroll my child whose name is mentioned above in the Released Time Christian Education program. I release the public school from responsibility during the class time for Released Time Christian Education. I acknowledge that by submitting this form online, I am consenting to my child participating in the Released Time Christian Education program.

    Parents and guardians of students enrolled in the Orange Released Time Christian Education Program permit ORTCE to release the images of their children for the purposes of our brochures or newsletters. All efforts shall be made to safeguard any personal or private information that the parent or guardian desires to remain confidential. If a parent wishes to have their child's image to remain private, they may consult with the Teacher or Director for more information.

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