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Being A Faith Champion

The Power of Our Words

Two of our teachers had a very similar experience with some of their students this year. Each week as the children were being gathered to go to class, they were met with the statement by the same few kids: “I don’t think I’m going today.” When the teachers said how much they would be missed, the students perked right up and decided to come after all. It doesn’t matter how young or old we are, we want to be wanted! Pray for these young hearts to know that God loves them beyond measure!

Using ALL Our Gifts—Being a Faith “Champion”

God does not call us to do all things, but to be obedient to our specific part of His total plan. What wonderful news! We are part of a team! Each member has a role and is important to accomplishing what we could never accomplish on our own! Our assignment is to seek out what God has called us to do, to listen carefully for His instructions, and then to walk boldly through whatever doors He has opened to us. As you read this, we are praying for those He is calling for continued or new partnership with Released Time. There are many necessary components to fulfilling the mission God has called us to in our public schools. Just to name a few:

  • Prayer -If the gift of intercession is your passion, we need you to join us! You can pray for the program in general (for leadership, finances, schools and weekly teaching) or be part of a team that prays for a specific school/teacher.
  • Teaching —If God has gifted you with the ability to share His Truth with children in a loving way, we would love to have you join our teaching team. There are 6 Elementary Schools that currently are without Chapel Classes: Cambridge, Chapman Hills, Esplanade, Imperial, Jordan, Panorama. Lesson plans are clear, simple and focus on teaching the Bible devotionally.
  • Chapel Assistant -If your gift is one of encouragement, this may be an area God is calling you to help with. Includes help walking the students to and from chapel, handing out materials and generally showing the kids a smile.
  • Service —If God has gifted you with ability/desire to help in physical ways, we have several needs. Our chapels need regular refurbishment and maintenance. There are also special projects to prepare/update chapel teaching materials.
  • Financial Gifts —We are certainly blessed by so many that are continuing to partner with us through financial donations! We maintain a streamlined budget, but are also facing the challenges of rising fuel, insurance, printing and postage costs. Adding schools will directly impact the financial needs. But God has blessed many with the gift of blessing others, so we are grateful and humbled by His provision.
When it comes to Released Time—We won’t move without Him! If He calls you to participate in new/additional ways—Move WITH Him!